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Brow Lamination

Want your brows to look full and beautiful 24/7 will no effort + without micro-blading? Then Brow Lamination is definitely for you!


How does Brow Lamination work?


Your Brow Consultants will apply an Ammonium Thioglycolate solution (also known as perm salt) to relax the hair by breaking down that chemical bond that holds your hair in its natural state whether it be straight, wavy, or curly.


The solution then allows the hair to expand so your Brow Consultant can mold the hair into your desired shape. Once your brows are relaxed and set into place, a setting solution is applied to keep your brows right where you want them for 3-6 weeks!

Brow Tinting

Let DBB find your perfect shade from blonde to auburn and everything in between. Brow tinting helps define the face and makes those gorgeous eyes pop! This 30-minute treatment last 3-6 weeks!

Brow Waxing

Let’s get those Brows in shape! DBB knows how important the shape of the brows are when it comes to accentuating your facial features. Our Brow Consultants will carefully calculate the shape of the brow to give you that perfect arch to define your beautiful face.

Brow Trio

Our Brow Trio includes all three brow treatments, Brow Lamination, Brow Tinting + Brow Waxing